Some writing tips for your competition entry

Take the title of the story as your starting point, but use your imagination.  Some words have many meanings and associations, so you may want to think about different ways the title could be interpreted or used.

You can use the images in our competition posters as a starting point, but you do not have to refer to the pictures at all.  You may interpret the title very differently if you want to.

You can write in any genre (as long it is fiction). For example, you could write a mystery, science fiction, horror, detective fiction, fantasy,  or romance.

You can set you work in the past, present or future.

You don’t have to start at the beginning – you can also start in the middle or at the end.

You can write in the first  person (I) or third person (he/she)- it’s up to you!  You could even try the second person (you) – although this is quite a challenge when writing stories it could be an interesting technique in a poem.

You can write from the point of view of a person (character or narrator), or something more unusual, like an animal, object or force.

Finally, why not take a look at our glossary page for a reminder of some of the language devices or techniques you could use?