Joyce Jacca – Sitting under the Mango Tree


Sitting under the mango tree with my cousins Naiyah, Nzara and Tierra waiting for the mango’s to drop.

Red ones, Green ones, and Yellow too. Mmmmmmm can’t wait to have a bite!

Sitting under the mango tree!!!

The sun is shining. It’s so hot!! Chyna let’s have a water fight so we can cool down?

OH what was that? Three little mangoes fell out of the tree, hitting me on the head. Let’s take them to Nyanya Ruth, so she can wash and cut them, and we can share them.

Nyanya Ruth is cooking on the open fire. I love her cooking. We’re going to have coconut rice and stew peas.

We love the school holidays as we get to come together as a family to spend time in the village with Nyanya Ruth. She teaches us lots of things and tells us stories of when she was a little girl just like us.

The mangoes are yellow and orange inside, and the juice is all over my mouth and hands.

My hands are really sticky. Xione is a sleep under the mango tree.

Chyna and Niayah are licking their fingers.  Go and wash your hands. Use the tap at the back of the house in the garden.

Auntie was washing the clothes.  She was washing them with her hand. Nzara asked if we could help.

She said,  “Chyna go and get three basins.”

“What’s that?” said Niayah.

“I don’t know.” said Chyna, “Ask Nyanya Ruth.” and she was given three basins.

We all had one each, Tierra asked why they didn’t have a washing machine.

Auntie said, “This is how we like to wash our clothes in the village, in Kisauni.”

She gave us all a pillow case each from the bowl of soaking clothes.  Then she gave us clean water and soap powder. She told us to hold the corners in each hand and then rub them together.

“This is too hard.” said Chyna, “Why don’t you put them in a bag, and my mum will put them in the washing machine?”

They all washed their hands and went inside to have something to eat.

Nyanya told us that we would be going across to Nyanya Pilly’s for tea at four.

In Kenya they always have tea at four. The tea is spicy, and mainly made from milk and cinnamon. We also have cakes and savoury snacks.

We sometimes have Fanta or coke.  After dinner we washed our hands and went for a sleep. Everyone takes a nap as it is so hot, and after a sleep you feel refreshed

When we woke up we went to the garden to play.  Two goats walked past us in the garden. They must have come from the back of the garden. Chyna took a photo so she could show her friends at school.

“I can’t believe it!” said Nzara.  “Do they live on a farm, how do they know where they live?”

It was three thirty. Nyanya called us in to change our clothes.

She told us, “Do not forget your manners, greet everyone when you get there.”#

The table was full of cakes.

“Naiyah, which one are you going to eat first?” asked Chyna-Rose.

“All of them.” she replied.

“How are you going to get them all in your mouth?”

“Don’t be silly, I’m only joking.” she said.

“You’re so funny.” said Tierra-Li.

Nzara said a prayer,  “Thank you for the birds and bees. Thank you for the little ones and most of all me and you!!”

Everyone started eating the cakes. Tiara and Chyna started a bottle of Fanta.

Nyanya Pilly cane rowed my hair. I looked really pretty. We left at seven p.m. It was time for a shower and then into bed we went. Tomorrow we will get up and go under the mango tree.