Amber Springer – A Birthday Surprise


I knew we were in trouble when she walked into the kitchen,

Where my brother and I were just trying to pitch in.

Covered in flour, we looked up at her,

Tears welled up in our eyes, causing our vision to blur.

“We just wanted to help, we never meant to make a mess!”,

My sibling and I cried out, our voices rising in distress.


I knew we were in trouble when she angrily ushered us out,

I still cried, but my brother began to pout.

“She never listens to us” He moaned,

“So it seems like our birthday surprise will have to be postponed”.

I wiped away my tears and smiled at my brother,

“You’re right! You’re right! We’ll have to try and bake another!”


I knew we were in trouble when she walked in on us once more,

She looked at the flour, covering the floor.

Again she shouted, frustrated with us,

I remember thinking to myself; I wonder if she understood our goal, would she make such a fuss?

We sat in our room, debating over what to do,

Then an idea came to us, we knew just what to do. We looked at each other and nodded, this was our breakthrough.


I think we were in trouble when we heard the front door open,

“Do you think she’ll like it?”

“Here’s hoping”

We picked up the decorated cupcakes and stood in wait,

Her eyes widened when she set them upon the plate.

The plate in question had 13 cupcakes on it,

“Look mum, we never quit!”.

The mini cakes each had a single letter,

That spelt two words when you read them together.


I knew we weren’t in trouble when we saw her face light up like the sun,

“Do you like it mum? Do you like what we’ve done?”.

Our mother smiled and nodded her head,

Then picked up an iced cupcake, covered in red.

“Is this what you were doing every day?,

When I came home and sent you away?”.

“Yes mum, we wanted to surprise you. To thank you for all the hard work you do,

You’re our only parent and we wanted you to enjoy your birthday, just like you used to”


I knew we weren’t in trouble when our mother pulled us in,

She gave us a tight hug and looked down at us with a grin.

“I’m sorry for getting angry, I did not know,

“That you were trying to surprise me when you were covered in dough”.

We then took the cupcakes to the living room and sang mum a birthday song,

Afterwards we danced and partied and enjoyed ourselves all day long.


I knew we weren’t in trouble because our mum just didn’t understand,

We showed that we cared for her and everything went as planned.


I knew we weren’t in trouble because our mum loves us and we love her,

We knew that there was nothing that could make this family tear.